Grtsk font family

126 fonts in 1 variable

Grtsk is a highly technological mega family of 126 fonts combined into 1 single variable font. The family includes 7 weights (from Thin to Bold), 6 widths (from Narrow to Ultra Wide) in Roman, Italic and Backslant styles. This extremely large design space makes sure that Grtsk can be used in a variety of different contexts and cover most of the basic typographic needs of a designer wanting to use a grotesk. The approach to naming is unconventional and is based on the wave frequencies ranging from Zetta (Narrow) to Mega(Ultra Wide), passing through Exa(Semi-Narrow), Peta(Normal), Tera(Wide) and Giga(Extra Wide).

The main challenge of the project was to draw 27 master fonts with a perfectly controllable interpolations ready for variability. This required coming up with unconventional solutions to drawing complex glyphs. Right out the box the font comes with 2 scripts: Latin and Cyrillic.
While the design is inspired by the grotesques of the end of the 19th beginning of the 20th centuries, Grtsk is perfectly suited to various contemporary uses in print as well as in digital environments. The underlying idea is to stay neutral like the classic fonts of the middle of the 20th century, but add a little bit of warmth and personality, a mix of humanist and rational forms, walking the thin line between mechanic and humanist forms – a sort of mix between the French and Swiss styles.

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