Visual identity

Black[Foundry] is a type design and engineering company based in Paris. Working across two main fields: typography and technology the company prides itself to be the first French foundry to successfully fuse the two worlds. As part of the brand identity redesign I was comissioned to come up with a system that would distinguish the company from its competitors that mostly focus on the design aspect of type rather than font engineering.

I came up with an idea of a ‘variable’ used in Python which is enclosed in brackets and the old name Black Foundry became Black[Foundry]. This transformed the logotype into an entire system where Black becomes a constant and everything that is enclosed in brackets is a variable — Black[Friday] for example. The particularity of this logo is that you can simply type it on a computer using the custom design font Drive Mono, making the logo purely typographical.

The old Type & Tech tagline became Type+Tech® making it more compact and techy. Graphic elements of the brand such as a 3D bracket are drawn on an isometric grid — an approach used in technical and engineering drawings to represent three-dimensional objects in two dimensions.