Vesterbro website


Art direction and UI design for the interactive website of Vesterbro – a type family by Black[Foundry]

How it all came together…

One day in the spiring of 2017 we got together at Black[Foundry] and thought about the best way to present a font we were working on. The font was Vesterbro. Rapid brainstorming led us to decide that a mini site would be a great presentation and promotional tool: create a few in-use pictures, design a user-friendly type tester, make some interactive elements like preview glyph set, propose downloadable trial fonts and last but not least, a shop (which by the way is not an easy one with all the licensing options to choose from…).

I was happy to design the website because being part of the type design team I knew a thing or two about the font itself and the inspiration behind letterforms. We started with a theme and I made the first low-fi prototype in Adobe XD roughly laying out the main sections of the website: header, type tester, design, features… etc. Once we all agreed on what follows what, I passed on to the fun part, designing UI and illustrations and less fun, but important, the checkout.

Vesterbro mini site now boasts a type tester (that simultaneously tells a story of the font), plenty of cool imagery, an interactive glyph set, a few other interactive elements, a free font trial and a shop. After its launch in the summer of 2017 the website has been visited thousands of times and almost 4000 people have already downloaded the free trial or bought the font.


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