In 2000 France Telecom bought Orange which was followed by a complete rebranding of the French State Company. This was a big leap in reidentifying core brand values. Orange as opposed to the majority of telecom companies has never placed any emphasis on the complex technology and rather acted as a simple and fun brand. In 2009 some of its employees (mostly technitians) are still not comfortable with the new brand positioning. Our challenge was to create a space with the perfect harmony between the simple and humoristic approach of Orange and the advance, complex and little known world of technitians. We named the concept ‘What’s behind’. Our approach was to show the technical world in a symbolic, accessible and fun way through the means of Macrophotography, Transparency, and Hidden Beauty.


More Clients



Reception area, Unilever, France



Space organisation and interior graphics for the cafeteria of the Coca-cola factory in Grigny, France. The client approached us because the workers were complaining about the old cafeteria. Initially



TapeMag is an independent poster/publication about electronic music and the culture of the 80ies. The idea belongs to thetape a french electro-pop band based in Paris.


Kraft Foods

Kraft foods has recently bought LU, the leader of sweets and biscuits industry in France. Kraft Foods creates delicious experiences and makes us discover new sensations, that bring pleasure in our eve