Space organisation and interior graphics for the cafeteria of the Coca-cola factory in Grigny, France. The client approached us because the workers were complaining about the old cafeteria. Initially Coca-cola wanted to only redo 9 square meters of space. We though that for about a 100 persons working on this floor this tiny space wasn’t enough and we proposed to the client to rethink the hallway as well. The hallway was only used as a passage and as it was bordering the old cafeteria we decided to incorporate it into the project. As a result we more than tripled the space, unified it visually, re-thought the flows, lights and graphics. The workers and the direction were both extremely happy about the new space.


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Interior graphics for a 5000 sq m Alcon office a company based in Freiburg, Switzerland. Alcon is helping people see the world better through advanced surgical, pharmaceutical and vision care products



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Reception area, Unilever, France


Kraft Foods

Kraft foods has recently bought LU, the leader of sweets and biscuits industry in France. Kraft Foods creates delicious experiences and makes us discover new sensations, that bring pleasure in our eve