Space organisation and interior graphics for the cafeteria of the Coca-cola factory in Grigny, France. The client approached us because the workers were complaining about the old cafeteria. Initially Coca-cola wanted to only redo 9 square meters of space. We though that for about a 100 persons working on this floor this tiny space wasn’t enough and we proposed to the client to rethink the hallway as well. The hallway was only used as a passage and as it was bordering the old cafeteria we decided to incorporate it into the project. As a result we more than tripled the space, unified it visually, re-thought the flows, lights and graphics. The workers and the direction were both extremely happy about the new space.


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TapeMag is an independent poster/publication about electronic music and the culture of the 80ies. The idea belongs to thetape a french electro-pop band based in Paris.



Reception area, Unilever, France


AOS Studley

Chocolate gift packaging for a company that rethinks workplaces worldwide. The client very strongly believes that by making well designed collaborative offices, work could become fun and your colleag



Interior graphics for a 5000 sq m Alcon office a company based in Freiburg, Switzerland. Alcon is helping people see the world better through advanced surgical, pharmaceutical and vision care products